Thursday, August 30, 2012

Valerie adams

Do you know in london olympic there is a player called valerie adams. valerie adams is was a very famous person. She is competing in shot put she came first this year and won a gold medal.

She is born in rotorua, New zealand. She is 27 years old. Valerie adams was born in 6 october 1984.

Valerie adams goes for New zealand in london olympic. She is very good in shot put. She is very proud to get a gold medal she was very sad to get a silver medal but she got a gold medal.

When Valerie adams got a silver medal it was because a person I don't know. When Valerie adams got a gold and she heard that she got a gold medal she was very happy. That person who cheated in shot put got disqualified for ten years. she is not allowed to be in the olympic for ten years.

I hope you get to learn more next time about olympix.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Tearcher Mr S

Today is my teacher's birthday and I can’t wait till I give Mr S his gift. I gave him something so some people are giving him chocolate I got something different. I got some sweets and my mum and my sister made them so can't wait till I give them.

Today I saw him when he was going somewhere in his car. I was taking the roll to the office Mr S is a funny teacher he loves to teach us and other people he saw me too. My birthday is on September 2 perfect after 5 days.

My Teacher is so cool he loves showing video clips of funny thing but real things. He is very very hipo teacher. I love talking to him and emailing him in the weekends.

I can’t wait til he come back to school. today he is 29 years old I know him hes old lol. lol we are going to sing happy birthday song to him. cant wait till hes 30th birthday next year.

Hope you have a great time with him to.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Skating Around

As skating around on wheelys is fun at times. I love going fast on them. I told my cousin how we skate on them. after he learnt how to skate we when out side to skate down the hill.

I hate going on concrete because it is more slower. I like going on tiles so it goes faster. hope you have a go at it once.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Harold Life Ed

Do you know where we went in term three week two as some of the schools have life ed caravan every 2 years. So same here in our school we have the same thing going on.

On Friday and Thursday we went to life ed. We learnt about our body parts like our heart, kidney, how our brain works and how it bring message to our hands and legs and all around our body parts. Guess what every day our heart beats 100,000 beats everyday, Isn't that amazing!!!

Do you know how to do the banana slice? Harold favorite dance and his favorite fruit. My favorite fruit is sweet bananas. A banana a day keeps the doctor away.

Guess how big your lungs are? it is up to your side of your right hand near your belly button. Your stomach is on your left hand side opposite your liver. The large intestine is underneath your liver and your stomach and your small intestine is in the large intestine.

When lynn got Harold out we have to say “Hi Harold” as he came out. He said I want to go out on a date with Anamei. I hope you have the opportunity to meet him and learn about him. I feel like going everyday.

When we had to go back Mr S got a free pen. I decided to get one I had $4.00 on me. I got a pen for $2.00 so the next day I got two more pens.