Monday, October 29, 2012

2 Soldiers go out for a walk

Everyday there was 2 soldiers going for a walk. They sore a dog and they ran a ran. The dog was chasing them. My baby cousin sore the 2 soldiers running and he ran with them too.

While the wind got so rough they couldn't run it was very hard to run. Bad luck you know the neck minute was going to happen so they fell on the ground. So they got hurt by falling and wasting time. They were to cool to copy each other.

When they got home they decided to go for a walk on the other side of the road. Over There it was so quiet. People do jogging everyday and they bring there dog too.

But the next day they could not go. Everyday they came and had a walk. It was so fun and they lived happily ever after.


Do you know what I have looked at if you go on the Apple site there is a new ipad called ipad mini it is so nice. I loved it when I sore it I said wow amazing it was brilliant. I said to my self I wont it but my dad is going to bye me an iphone 5 it is amazing too.

Have you seen those new imac the is coming soon. It is so skinny and better. I think you should see it online.

My toy Presentation


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Birthday time with a toy

Today was Zachs birthday he was turning 1 years old today. Mum was in the room waking dad up. Zach was decorating his room. Suddenly the chad the bear was alive and he took chad to zachs dads room he was surprised and shocked and said DAD DAD LOOK LOOK MUM this is amazing. Mum said how did this happen and that time his friend came saw the bear. They thought it was fake anyways they did not care they carried on with the party.

Chad goes in the room where the party was held. He keeps on popping balloons. He ate half of his cake.

They decided to put him in the cot and never let him out. So they did it first it was mum she went to put him in the cot but something bad happen she got KO from the bear and then dad went to put him he had to wet his pants zach try but no he couldn't he fell mum tried again and she did it.

When it was dads birthday it was so fun. there were none of the bad people that had to eat up half of his cake.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My little baby cousin

Do you know how naughty my baby cousin is and how cute he is? He gets in trouble very minuets. he loves watching bob the builder.

My baby cousin calls me bob lol. I throw him on my bed and he loves it. He loves putting hands in other peoples pocket. and get there phone   

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Do you know what I did in the holiday it was so boring I had nothing to do unless watch TV the whole holidays. 4 days before school started I went to count down and I got all my lunch for school. when I came back watched stuff on you tube. It was so boring I had to play on my laptop all the time.

My baby cousin was so naughty at times. He is so cute when we smack him. He is always running around in the house. he allays sit on the table when some one is eating. He eats a lot.

My sisters is always on the laptop. In our 6 weeks holiday we are thinking to go Rotorua with the whole family. We will have so fun. I love long rides and my baby cousin he loves it.

I hope you had fun and and are going to have fun in your 6 weeks holidays. Did you went anywhere in the holidays? What are you going to do in your holidays?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Free Blog writing

being in class after our  two weeks holiday it feels like we need more holiday. I cant wait till our 6 weeks holiday. it is more fun. but the thing ill do is miss my friends.

When ever my friend see me in the library I hang out of them. Some times I go to my friends house. at my friends house we play Xbox.