Thursday, June 20, 2013

Literacy rotation

Do you guys know about our new literacy rotation? Well our year 7 and 8 block(streets) starts school at 8:30 and our literacy starts at 8:00. why? because the teachers have decided that we should have rotation in literacy.

Last week I was in movie making, but because they were not settle. There was art with my second best teacher Ms Tito. I am in group A3  

I enjoy alot and I think it should stay like how it is right now. I think it its nice because then every different teacher can teach us different things. I learnt lots of cool stuff at movie making but 3 days I was away and thats pretty sad.

I love doing writing with Ms Squires. Sometimes I like doing literacy with Ms Lagitupu. Today I was with mrs nau and it’s pretty fun there we made scones.

With Ms Nau today we made scones. tomorrow A3 will be with Ms Squires and she does writing.  i love writing its my favorite subject.  

Here is a photo of our this week's rotation.


Friday, June 7, 2013

My sandwich brochure

Our class is making a sandwich brochure. A sandwich brochure is a menue card like some restaurant have. This is mosa's and my sandwich brochure.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

League Practise

Every thursday we have a game of league in the hall. We've been learning how to kick properly and catch. Before we play a game we do a warm up.

This thursday we did not play because we saved our legs for running practice.

I wished that there was league yesterday.