Thursday, July 4, 2013

little white rorry

Once upon a time there was a little white Rorry. last week he and his father was going home from the city they had a car accident. So his father passed away this is his dads 4th accident on the highway thats the reason why his name rorry.    
Little white Rorry’s mom baked a cake, “So she told little white rorry to go and take a some pieces of cake to her”. So rorry took of with some pieces of cake.

On his way he met a guy batman on the highway. He asked where are you going. little white rorry told him, “i'm going to his grandmother's house i’m taking some pieces of cake”. batman asked where she lived. “she lives half a km far” said rorry. So batman went off he had to go there  before little white rorry get’s there.   

When little white rorry got there batman killed her and eaten rorrys grandmother up. batman dressed up like rorry’s grandmother and waited till rorry entered in. When rorry got there rorry gave the cake and told his grandmother why is your arms so big said rorry. batman/grandmother said its cause it grow. then rorry said why is your voice like batmans. batman/grandmother answered because. “I am batman you 10 second to escape or I will gobble you up so your time stars” said batman who’s dressed like rorry’s grandmother.

So rorry ran away from that house but he couldn't run fast so he got gobbled up.

THE END                


The boy was feeling determined that the he wasn’t going to fall of the cliff. But suddenly he slipped. He was hanging and dangling of a rock. with his other hand he gripped onto the rock

When he reached the top of the mountain  his muscles were very weak.  Then he looked up.

Then the boy walk all the way to the dojo and knock on the big door he was waiting for the master to come out. when the master came out. The boy felt nervous the dojo pointed to go away.

Then all day all night the boy stayed at the door and in the morning the boy open one eye to see and the dojo was there. so he got up and the dojo pointed to go away. Then the boy got angry kicked on the door and the dojo opened the door and pointed and the boy looked on his left and saw the sign that said use side entrance.

The boy felt very very embarrassed.