Monday, December 17, 2012

Mission bay

Do you know we are heading to? Mission bay and I'm gonna go to kiwi yo it's a self severe ice creaming thingie where we get to chows and decorate our own ice cream. I am with my sister my cousin Saadiya and here little brother and my dad.

Know we are at Mission bay and there is lots of people here. We just went to kiwi yo and going home.

The baby is so happy I had lots of fun eating kiwi yo and I loved it. I think you should go there too it will be fun.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Hobbit

Hey guys. Do you know what I have just watched. Its the hobbit and it is an amazing movie we watched it in 3D so it was even more fun. We watched it in city in the biggest screen in New Zealand IMAX screen. We got Starbucks and popcorn and a coke. It was 3 hours long. And we went home at 12:50 I never had this much fun ever with my big 2 sisters, my brother in law and my 2 cousins Saadiya and shahid.

This movie made more money then twilight and it was little scary but it was cool. I think one day you should go and Watch it.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Do you know that Nevens dad and my dad are best friend they came how many times when he was small. he is now so big and he works at pt England school he fixes other peoples net books and other kind of stuff like internet and stuff. he lives a lil bit far then pt England he has to bus to England school and he is great.

Monday, December 3, 2012

My new bike

Do you know that I got a new bike yesterday it is a blue bike. I got my new bike from Kmart. I went at night.
I am putting my bike together at night. It is going to be fun and a good good night. It was my dream to get a nice good bike. today I am so happy.

Toy animation

This is my toy movie.


Do you know when it was camp how many funny moments and stuff has been going on. But when it was time to go swimming. It was horrible room 15 year 5 half of the kids were so naughty they got all the boards and life jackets and tied them up altogether and those long noodles. So it was wasting space in the pools.

The good thing was everything failed and I did not even try tying it all up. When I went in the pools it was freezing like ice. I would never go with them to swimming again.

My best thing was staying with Mr S and doing stuff like helping him it is so fun. Whenever you make a joke to Mr S or he hears you say it he will make a joke. He is always like that but sometime when it is work thing he is serious.