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Edmund Hillary

School Journal Part 3, Number 3. 2003
More than a mountaineer by Bill O’Brien.

WALT:Gather, sort, summarise, present information

Success Criteria:
I can gather information in the text sort the relevant information.
I can summarise what I have read in the text and present that information in the follow up activities I complete.

Answer the following questions in red:

KNOWLEDGE - What are the facts
1. At what time and on what date was Mount Everest climbed for the first time?  11:30am 29 May 1953.
2. Name the two other expeditions mentioned in this article that Sir Edmund Hillary led. He’s Led expeditions on tractors over crevasse-covered glacier and deep drifts of snow to the south pole.

COMPREHENSION - Show that you understand the information
3. What did the Sherpa mean when he said “Our children have eyes but they cannot see”? He Means that they children are blind.
4. Think of another title for the article that summarises what the author is writing about
and would be a good hook for the reader. Edmund Hillary and Mount Everest  

APPLICATION - Using what you read in the article
5. Design a poster for the Himalayan Trust to get donations and volunteers to help build a

ANALYSIS - Organising information from the article
6. Draw a TIMELINE showing all the events in Sir Edmund Hillary’s life that are mentioned in
this article. This will help you understand how the article has been organised by the author
and is a good way to help you remember the information.  
he,s led expeditions on tractors

he’s jet boated from the mouth of the mighty Ganges river

SYNTHESIS - Coming up with new ideas
7. Using modern technology, design a more efficient system for getting building equipment up the Himalayan mountains and clearing land for an airstrip.
Label your drawings or write descriptions to explain your interesting ideas.

EVALUATION - Seeing both sides

“Being the first to climb Mt Everest is Edmund Hillary’s most important achievement”
Make a chart and list your reasons for agreeing and disagreeing with this statement

I agree with this statement because……..
someone should climb the mountain because it was there.

I disagree with this statement because………. I do not disagree

EVALUATION - Making judgments about information

Do you think this article was well written? Yes because it has the main idea and some of the background idea in it.

♦ Was there a hook in the introduction? Hook : Rate 1-10   8 ½ - 10
♦ Was the information well organised in clear sections? Yes : Rate 1-10: 10-10  
♦ Was there an effective conclusion? yes Wrap-up : Rate 1-10: 8-10

Write a short review of this article on the ratings you have given it.
Comment on extra information that you think could or should have been included.

I think there should be more written and more complex. It Should have more about the plan/helicopter crash.  it would ‘ev been great if the was more history of Edmund Hillary.  

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This week was Fia Fia, a cultural festival. I participated in bollywood salsa group. My heart was beating fast and I was getting sweaty before going on stage. But when I went on stage to dance I had a smile on my face and people were cheering out loud my name. But after our performance I was proud of my self. I was in bollywood salsa groupe last year. I couldn't go last year because I was busy.

This years dance was better than last year, because we had a tutor that taught us our moves and the song was better than last years. We used to have practices in room 5, Mrs Lals class. 

Fia Fia was a great night and I want to come and perform again, But this year I am a year 8 and next year i'm gonna be off to college. I will miss Pt England school.

Maths vocabulary


Pigs and Ducks
Jennie the old sheep dog is
lazing around in the paddock
near the house. She counts the number of
animals in the paddock. There are 11 of
them, pigs and ducks. Then her eye runs
over the legs. She sees 28 legs.
How many ducks are there? 14

More Pizzas and Things
The Pizza Place in my town has three
tables of the same size. The Chicken
N Chips restaurant has four of the
same sort of table.
The Chicken N Chips can just seat 24
people. How many people can The
Pizza Place seat? 18

Now a third of the seats at The Chicken N Chips were
empty and a half of the places at The Pizza Place were
empty. If 18 more people wanted to eat out, how many
would have to be turned away from the two restaurants? 12  

Master Wheel

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Lost In The Ranges

Lost in the Ranges by Norman Bilbrough
School Journal Part 4 Number 3 1995

WALT: Skim and scan for information
Authors viewpoint - finding evidence in the text

Success Criteria: I can skim and scan the text and find key information.
I can determine and think about how the writer is feeling what going through in this article.

Answer the following questions in red:

Referring to the title of the article what do you think the text is about? After reading the title it makes me think of someone lost in the ranges and they never found him or something.

Have you ever been lost before? No I dont think so I always had a phone by me. What are your experiences of being lost? well I haven't been lost I don't think. I always have my phone by me.Where were you, what happened?

What type of text is this article e.g is it someone’s explanation of what happened, (refer to the first page) In the august school holidays of 1965, Bryan Carey set out on a high school tramp across the tararua ranges from kaitoke, north of upper hutt to the Otaki forks. Bryan was 14. there were 7 boys and a teacher in the party. On the 3rd day there was an accident. now 30 years later bryon recounts the story. Thats what it say’s in the story.

What does Bryan states he was the “youngest in the party”? Nervous, happy, cool  because not only he was with a teacher but because he was with other cooler kids.

What was Bryan’s reasons for taking part in this tramp? He really wanted to try it out and he was only 14 and he had a chance going on tramping.  

Where about is this group of boys hiking? Tararua ranges. What is the temperature and climate like at this place?it says in the text Bryan Carey set out on a high school tramp across the tararua ranges from kaitoke, north of upper hutt to the Otaki forks.

What had Bryan carried in his bag for this trip?
Rice and sugar, choc biscuits and clothes.  
Even though the weather was fine and clear it was cold. Why is it important to keep warm in situations such as this?  Because you can die if it is cold and sleeping in cold is uncomfortable.   

Bryan refers to his fall as “tobogganing”. What is tobogganing? It is the thing you have a ride going top to bottom. Why has Bryan compared his fall to this? Because his fall was similar to tobogganing.

After this fall, how do you think Bryan is feeling? He was feeling bad and maybe scared because he was only 14.Is he injured? he was injured and he had to sleep the whole night and it was hard because it was cold and he did not have his back pack.  


Do you think the situation Bryan is currently in is dangerous? Why / why not? Yes because there can be animal and stuff there and he is injured. He will not be able to survive a long time  because he does not have his backpack and he is hungry.    

Predict what you think will happen next? He tries climb back up and someone sees him.     

It seems as though Bryan has now been separated from the rest of his group. yes he was trying very hard to find the rest of the team.

If you were Bryan would you stay put and wait for someone to rescue you? Or would you seek help? first i would try getting up first and then trying to look for the rest of the team.

How do you think the rest of the group will react to Bryan’s falling and injury? Very very worried because he wa part of the group and he was the youngest.

Refer to the map on the next page, what information does this give us about where the accident happened and where Bryan was found? It shows site of accident, where the school party continued along renata ridge to raise alarm, where he was found, river rescue and ambulance pick up.  

Thursday/ Friday:

How had the group members described Bryan’s falling as? They described him falling as the 2 boys were gonna climb down the cliff but it was too dangerous and the a rope was pulled down but it wasn't long enough. so they went and raised the alarm.   

What had Bryan lost on his way down, how does this affect his chances of survival? And keeping safe? His food and his backpack.   

Bryan tries to climb back up the hill, is this a good idea? Why/ why not? Yes so he can get closer to his groupe. No because he can fall that can cause death or he can break his legs or hands

What was Bryan glad about wearing? For what reason do you think he was glad about this? He was glad he was wearing lots of layers of clothes.

Bryan had no food with him, what are his chances of survival? What do you think he should do to keep himself energised? Why do you think this? He should keep himself warm and try to find food or look for the rest of the groupe, because the rest of the groupe might have food that he can have for is health.   

Where had the rest of the group disappeared to when Bryan returned to find them? They went where the school party continued along Renata Ridge to raise the alarm so people know, that something is wrong.

How do you think he is feeling to reach the Site with no one there? hard because no.1 he hadn't had enough sleep. no.2 he was injured. no.3 it was very cold. no.4 it was a very long way.

Bryan states he wasn’t worried or scared. How would you be feeling in this situation? I would've felt very scared and it would be very hard for me to get up.

Bryan’s parents have now been notified as the rest of the group has now let the authorities know. His parent’s are waiting ‘anxiously’ how do do you think they are feeling, finding out their son is missing and injured? They would be be really sad, worried and they would have tears in their eyes.  


The Taipan is one of the most poisonous snake in the world. The female taipan lays 10-20 eggs after mating (the action of animals coming together to breed; copulation).

Taipan can get longer longer than 2.5M. Some are really big. Some a dark brown and some are creamery there are different types of Tipan.

Taipans have very good eyesight and what they smell. It is Similar to an Anaconda. Taipans are not the largest and the heaviest snakes, Actually the Anaconda is the largest and the heaviest snakes.

They eat small animals such as rats, birds and bandicoots. bandicoots are similar to rats and mouse. They mostly eat rats, bandicoots and quolls.

Taipan lives in dry, open forests. Some taipans live in the hot part of Australia. the common one is mostly found in The more common one found in the far north of Australia, in Queensland.

Snakes generally avoid people, they rarely strike us, unless they are threatened. They should not be out haunted and killed.

Taipans are not my favorite snakes. My favorite snake is anaconda, because the are huge. Taipans are very vicious. There are 4 different types of anaconda. Luckily they are not endangered.