Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fiafia (Bollywood grope)

Tomorrow is Fiafia. Pt England schools 60Th anniversary as well. In Fiafia we all have groups. In our groups we make up a dance and present to our school. Parents granddad grand mum  everybody comes to see our beautiful dance. we present our dance in our school hall. Tomorrow is our most important day of school.

I am in Bollywood. In Bollywood and my friend is in Bollywood too. Some of my friends are in different. But it is still okay with some of my friends in my groups.

Mrs law is our Bollywood teacher who teaches us our Bollywood dance. She Is a amazing teacher she is a teacher in room.

I think tomorrow is going to be a very embarrassing day for me.


Monday, April 15, 2013


One night my mum and dad went to meet my dads friend. That night my sis and me stayed home alone. In the dark there was some kidnappers that kidnaped us. When my mum and dad came back we weren't there. They got shocked and after my mum and dad came in 5 mins later the kidnappers call our house and said that if you want your son and ur daughter back then I want $10,000 if you dont give me $10,000 i will kill both of them.

So then my dad call the police and told them about the hole thing. Then the police trace the call where the call came from. The call came from a old place a place that was made in 1983

Then the police said go give them $10,000 and will be over there so dosent matter. So my dad went to the ATM and got $10,000 

Then went to give them the money and it was quiet a long ride. When he got there the police got them and my sis and me could go home. and then we where happy.

Scary night with friends

One day there was a man his name was Fransis  He was with he's friend at his farmhouse having a party with his friends. They where playing games and stuff there. They light up a fire at his backyard. At his backyard in 1km their was a  big graveyard. So they where playing I dear you and he was playing against a girl so Fransis won. He told to go to the graveyard and stay there for 30 mins by your self.

She said OK so she walked there and waited for 30 mins after 5 mins she screams  hard out and all her friends ran to the graveyard and saw that she was dead so Fransis called the police and the ambulance

So when the ambulance came it took the body. The police started to ask questions when the police Finnish asking question he took Fransis and his friend to the police station. And then called there parents and then the guy who told her to go was arrested.

After he was arrested he's parents told a lawyer called Mr Dome said ill fight this case from defence.
uh Ms Deney said im fighting this case for proser-cuter so after a week Mr dome won the case and no one killed her she had a heart-attacked so the guy who was arrested he came out off jail and then they lived happily ever after