Monday, March 25, 2013

picking up Harakeke (flax)

Last week room 19 went down to Oamaru creek. We went there to learn about harakeke (flax) and also collect them to make some putiputi (flower).

Once we got there we prepared the flax. Ms T told us what to do and what not to do. We had rules what one we cut and what one we don't cut.

My partner Mosa was the one who cut the harakeke  for me and himself. Mosa cut a baby one in mistake. We had no time to cut another one cause we had to go back to our class. and Ms Tito taught us how to plat it.

When we cut it, sticky things came off the bottom, it was horrible. It smelled very nice and was so long. some of them were very rough.

We had a great time cutting harakeke and weaving  them. it is going to look amazing when its fished     

Friday, March 15, 2013


Reading with kids in the library.

Every Tuesday after lunch room  9 and room 19 walks to the library to read a book to the teina means a smaller person then you. We are trying to make them good readers for the future and today. when we go there we tell the our teina so we go out side or stay inside to read them a book.

Our teacher Ms T loves looking at us when we are trying to teach the little kids.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Picnic at pt England school

This term pt England school decided to have a spectacular picnic on Friday 1 march at pt England reserve we walked a short descented to the reserved.

playing in the sand was my favourite thing. We jumped on the sand from the rocks. Carlos, Raihan, and Anthony stared to make a little muddy pond. I was throwing sand to Raihan.

Carlos my friend brang chocolate raihan brang the tapoland Anthony brang food and I brang my phone so we could listen to music. we sat with Anthony s mum on the other end. we had lots of fun over there.

Our group had a amazing morning tea and lunch. I ate cookie and chocolate. We had great time having lunch and morning tea.

I think you should go to the pt England reserve too im shore you have great times over there. Don't for get to take your friends and family.