Sunday, May 26, 2013

My cooking competition

I am the finalist guy in our class cooking competition and i'm feeling very nervous. I think i’m gonna lose and I don’t have an partner so its freaky. I made a chocolate brownie.

When it was marked I lost. I had too much sugar in it. To fix this i'll have to make this again. The judge was kind to me and gave me 1 hour extra to do whatever I can do.

After heading back to the kitchen I got all the ingredients and start making the baking time took me about 30 to 25 minutes. Before the time finished I had finished when it was my turn again I went by the judge and then they tased it. It was all right. so they gave me a mark as 5/10 I was so happy that I did not lose.

Finally I did not lose I was so happy and couldn't wait to go home.



Thursday, May 23, 2013

fun & horrible run

For P.E last few weeks after morning tea we have been running 2 km a day except Monday. on Monday we have te reo/maori with our teacher.

Running these days is sometimes boring and not fun at all. It makes me not come to school. we are practicing running for fun run where we have to run 5km and we're gonna get sponsored by our families and everybody else and we aloud to dress up as something and run.   
Sports is something I hate. I hate all kinds of sports because I think I don't suit it and I don't think sport should be my hobby. One of my worst thing is running.

I might get better at running. I will try my best.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

food labels & protein

We are learning about what's really in our food . Here is a presentation that I have creative off food label and protein

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading reflection week 2

TITLE: Geronimo Stilton im not a supermouse


Pages: 1-49

Date: 15.05.13

SUMMARIZE:So far im reading this book called i'm not a super mouse. one beautiful Saturday morning he had planned to do some shopping and go to the library. he lives in a place called new mouse city. after he was finished his shopping he went to the library to read he went on the elevator to go up the library. when he was in the elevator it got stuck. Then his friend came and saved him. The next day his friend chuck stilton in a orange helicopter. and went to a place where there is only sand and its really dry its a desert. 

“When I read the part about his friend chucking him in the helicopter, it made me wonder why he did that ”

I am enjoying this book and i am having fun.

Math whizz

Have you guys did maths Whizz this week? Well here's my result. I think I still need to work on my minutes. Today after school i'm gonna do my maths Whizz.

I have lots of challenges to still do. I like challenges but I like doing my tutor first.

Monday, May 13, 2013

( at Pt. England School

Guess what? last week ( from black eye peas came to vist our school. He donated Manaiakalani  eduction trust a check of $100,000.00. He was in New Zealand for just 1 day.

After morning tea we all went to the hall. and we waited for him to arrive. Well he was a bit late because of the traffic.  

After he was there he talked about how he became a singer and his life was and  when he was born. He was born in California, United States east lost Angeles. his full name is William James Adams but he's better known as

When we leaved back to our class room he went to room 21 and room 22. We had lots of fun and it it was fun hearing about him.
 Here is a site that has a clip you  should watch

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What my friends say about me

In term 1 we walked around in class having a piece of paper on our back. We all wrote on each others back A positive thing off them. They wrote ...

2 people like my hair. I think they wrote that because I put wax in the morning. By taking  charge of everything even my hair that is why I have nice hair.  

Someone said that I look pretty. I'm sure that I don't look pretty I look mean or innocent. 

3 people said that I am funny. I'm not funny but dry at times. Some times when friends crack me up I hate it cause I have a Stitch and it's not nice.

It was fun writing on peoples back about them. We had a great time doing it. You should try it with your friends too.