Monday, September 24, 2012

Our two week holiday is coming in just a week

Guess what? Do you know what I am so so so excited about. We have one more week till our two weeks holidays. I am looking forward What we are going to study about. I hope we don't study about insects.

In the holiday I am going to go to my friends house to play with him. I will love talking and playing with him. He know lots about apple. I mean the bran apple.

Monday, September 17, 2012

What my holiday is going to be like?

Do you know that it is nearly our 2 weeks holiday? We have 1 more week left. I cant wait ti we go on holidays. I am going to  be so happy.

In My holiday I am going to be talking to my friend. I always call him. I like sharing my stuff and he likes sharing his stuff to me.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Free Time

When ever we have free time I play cool maths games it is so cool. Cool maths games I one of my favourite site where and it is tetris friend. My teacher dose not care of what games but only cant be wrestling and shooting.

We love getting free time. My friend plays Friv it is a very cool site. I some time play miniclipt.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bom the sneeze

Once upon a time
There was a boy called Max he was very brave. One day he sneezed very loudly and blowed his roof down and went on the Moon and landed back on another country, it was a miracle. Mum was screaming and crying all day long. Max thought to go to someones door and knock on the door when he was walking he saw some police it was kind of like his town police. When the police was near bye in the cafe he saw max walking. The police was gaining speed on him. He gently asked the boy if you want to come with me and I'll give you some chocolate. The boy said ok I will  come. Instead of the boy getting chocolate he got in some hidings. Max he was crying he was missing his Mum at England. The police let him go. So he went to the cafe where he landed.

Going back
When Max sneezed again he went back where he sneezed he landed on his house roof. The roof broke when he land on the roof. Mum went outside to see what was happening. Mum got shocked seeing Max. Max was so happy seeing Mum again.

Crying and hoping
Every day Mum reads a book to Max at night. before Max going to school he always kissed Mum. Mum drove Max to school. And at lunch time mum dropped his lunch at the office.

After school
After school Max went home walking. Today Mum did not come pick him up. When he open the door he saw blood on the taking it to the bathroom. When he saw mum she was dead. Max could not believe it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My birthday

Do you know what happened this weekend? It was my birthday on Sunday and I got a present from my sister, my friends and my mum. We also had a BBQ and it was so much fun. The chicken was so nice. Everybody liked it. 

At last, it was very hard to clean it up. I like eating  BBQ chicken. It is more tastier then normal food. I had a very nice birthday this year. 

Hope you enjoy your own birthday. 


Javelin is a very famous sport that has been played in the london olympics. This sport has been played since 1932. I am here to show you some stuff about Javelin.

Javelin is very dangerous because if you do anything wrong you can get injured. The javelin in the men's competition is two point seven metres long. The w8s are at least 800g.

winning a medal you need lots and lots of practice. It is actually very easy to play Javelin. If you want to play you need proper shoes to play because you might want to take a run to the line where you throw the Javelin.