Monday, March 24, 2014

Triangles Subtraction

1. George was driving to Rotorua from Auckland. Rotorua is 344 kms away from Auckland and he has driven 176. How many kms did he have left until he reached his destination?168 km left until he reaches her destination

2. Janine had a jar of jelly beans with 273 jelly beans inside. Mum and Janine’s little sister ate 90 of them. How many jelly beans did Janine have left? 183

3. The temperature on Venus is 173 degrees celsius. However it drops 59 degrees. What is the temperature now?114

4. Jake had $250 to go shopping for his birthday. He spent $89 on a pair of shoes. How much money was he left with?161

5. Mike had a 900mls of milk and used 170 mls in his tea. How many mls did he have left?730

6. When Jane wore high heels she was 176cm tall. Her heels were 14cm. How tall was Jane without heels?162cm tall

7. When Miss Clark measured a table in the classroom it was 290cm. The smaller table however was only 97cm. What is the difference between the two tables? one was 290cm and one was 97cm. the big table was 207cm bigger.

Multiplication Wheel


Missing Plane (MH370)

One of the Malaysian airlines (MH370) has vanished. 239 people on board. People were saying that the plane got hijacked. A flight tracker website showed the plane climbing 10,700 meters (45,000 ft) before the plane vanished.        

Ten days later there is still more confusion and misinformation than solid evidence, and the aircraft with 239 people on board is still missing. Investigators found out that there was 2 people with fake passport. The plane was bound for Beijing, Beijing is the capital of china. its population is 11.51 million. Beijing is of of the most popular cities in the world.

CCTV footage of the two men travelling, on stolen European passports prompted, Malaysian officials to describe them as the Italian striker Mario Balotelli. People now think that the  plane has been hijacked.  


This morning for reading I made a popplet and my word web for today was hard. I got 20 words that reflects to hard.

Monday, March 17, 2014


For maths today triangle did tidy number. We are given in a presentation.  
a) 37+18=55

b) 45+19=64

c) 24+17=41

d) 71+27=98

3) 82+14=96

f)  37+38=75

g) 42+54=96

h) 69+23=92

i)  46+32=78

j) 84+12=96

k) 33+32=65

l) 46+48=94

m) 62+34=

n) 46+23=69

o) 53+16=69

p) Because you have to add on one and subtract on the other.