Monday, June 11, 2012

When I got very bored at home!

At home I got so bored that there was nothing to do. I thought of going on the iPad and downloading some games like temple run. I love playing this game and my highest score is 748 thousands. It is so easy to play it.

Then my sister came over where I was sitting by the heater and she says can I play. I say wait one game. She said ok as I lose I give it to her. Her highest score is 1 million! I'm like WOW what a good one.

And then we played checkers. My sister is the best player we played 3 games and I lost all of them. I had lots of fun playing though!      

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  1. Hello Mohammed,

    TEMPLE RUN!!!!! That's my favourite game so your high score is 748,000, my high score is in its 1 million on my ipod. I really liked the Title of your story.



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