Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Holiday Recount

I came to a halt till it was dark… what a nocturnal creature I am turning into watching movies all night and sleeping all day. I watched the movies in my room on the tv by myself because I was feeling antisocial. I don’t like watching movies in the morning for the reason that the sun is extremely bright and this much light doesn't reflect on the tv screen. I ended up watching movies because I was so tired of sleeping. My favorite movie out of all was the wolf of wall street.

The next day I was forcing myself to go to bed. I woke up and quickly had a shower and got changed. I got my phone and wallet and just saw my sister text me saying “hurry up”.  As soon as I got into the lounge I saw my sister waiting for me. I rushed outside to the car waiting my dad to drop me off to sylvia park. My dad dropped off at sylvia park, me and my sisters went  off and we walked patiently to the movies hoping that there was not a big queue by the counters. I thought the movie “ The maze runner” was a great movie and it was definitely a 10/10. We then walked to the sylvia park train station.

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